-Alveera Hafeez

There was no one to talk,
There was no one with whom I could walk,
There was no one I can rely when I get absent,
My heart was depressed and broken in fragments.

Then, came you, the stupidest boy of the class,
The one with whom I had been in the same class,
Yet we never talked so much as we talked then,
Maybe the change was depressing for you too man.

Our little talks became large,
Abusing each other now, wasn’t harsh,
From light to dark, we shared secrets in mass,
We had our own languages and class.

Library was the favourite period for chats,
The librarian always got irritated from you lads,
She always used to make us sit separately,
Making me mind you lads unwillingly.

Lunch was another story,
There used to be a little fury,
All hands in one lunch box,
And my ‘Biryani’ always rocks.

We all used to eat together,
And when the lunch was boring,
We went to canteen together,
And buy one samosa and eat together!

In winters we used to drink tea,
Sometimes we used to have ice cream,
While going to lab we had khasta chola with chutney,
In games we thought that farewell was still a dream.

Sometimes we played, sometimes we just sat,
Solving questions and learning new facts,
We applied Physics everywhere,
Chemistry was still a fear.

At times, when we used to sit at the back,
We would eat our unfinished snack,
Dalmoth, peanuts, biscuits and all,
Cautiously eating so that nothing falls.

And that day arrived no soon when we had to part,
The time flew away, it doesn’t waits for our heart,
And we had new ways to discover and lead,
But still we will be together in every deed.

We will be alive in each other’s heart wherever we are,
We will be together no matter how far,
We will tease and share everything as still we do,
Because friendship never dies wherever you go.


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