Born in a generation

We are born in a generation that
Enjoyed the out door games,
On a summer day,
With pals, played hide and seek
Behind the trees,
And making paperboots
In the moonsoon was our favourite thing,
to do at childhood,
A generation that enjoyed
Frosty winter by lighting the bonfire,
Sitting with one another,
Singing some popular 90s song,
Playing luddo and carrom, in a lazy afternoon…

A generation that passed their leisure in the lap of nature,
enjoyed the magistic beauty and bessings of nature,

A generation that is also enjoying the miracles of technical world,
The blessings of technology and the mother earth :blush:

#90s kids…


Memories. :revolving_hearts:

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You’re so great.

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Thank u :blush:

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This reminds me of my childhood! So relatable!