Books are our best buddy

Books are our best buddy
And will remain till the last,
They are our personal guide,
To live in this world with pride.
Teachers are our guiding lights,
And help us to vast open our sights,
By the books we get and are able,
To make our life unforgettable.
Some see them as the best facility in the world,
Some see them as a nonsense full of words,
Books change the life of some

By giving them ideas which are not feeble.

Unfortunate were those,
Who didn’t get books to bore,
Fortunate will be those,
Who use them like a happy dose.

Our life is full of ups and downs,
But the use of books can set you a crown,
If not then a well awaits you deep, deep down,
It is true, so people don’t frown.
A closed mind is liked a closed book,
So open your mind and fly to the moon,
Use of books can make your life glow,
But don’t let the knowledge overflow.
Life can have a beautiful end,
If we make books our best friend.


Amazing, it’s true. Books are our best friends


yes perfect :smile:

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Sure they are.words take you in another world. So well written

nice post @Twisha_Ray

well yes books are of great help, it sometimes help us to even stand against the crowd.

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Yes thank you sir so much :hugs:

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well @Twisha_Ray, title of “Sir” is not required. you can simply use my name :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok ravi☺️

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Book worms we are. :heart_eyes: