Book Review : "Dangling Gandhi" by Author Jayanthi Sankar

TITLE : Dangling Gandhi

AUTHOR : Jayanthi Sankar

GENRE : Literary Fiction

LANGUAGE : English

LENGTH : 151 pages

FORMAT : Paperback

PUBLICATION : Zero Degree Publishing

Blurb & A Short Review:

“Dangling Gandhi” by Jayanthi Sankar is a tantalizing collection of 12 short stories traveling across time and space through colorfully multicultural contexts. Each story is different , so are the emotions they put and are the characters in it. The plot and the emotions behind each story make them absolutely impactful. Author has a very good knowledge of language, especially the vocabulary part as some words made me go through the dictionary. Characters are brilliantly developed, whereas the narration part has been done so skillfully that it increased my interest to keep on balancing with the pace. The important yet common human feelings like love, affection, emotion, sadness etc have been beautifully stirred in the stories. As the author has pre-mentioned to read 1 story each day and not to complete the book in a go, I did it and understood the difference it made as every story has served different purposes and aspects. The title of the book is also unique, easy to attract readers and the book cover works as soothing to my eyes. I loved the book from the first page to the last one.

It was indeed a mesmerising read.

My Ratings :

Title : 5/5

Cover : 4/5

Narration : 4/5

Storytelling : 5/5

Characterization : 4/5

Language : ⅘

Overall Rating : 4/5



So awesome, very nice review. This is all what I will need to make my mind for buying it.
Nice review @storytellersuchi :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure. It’s an amazing one!

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