Book Review : "A Life To Die For" by Author Nilay Shah

‘A LIFE TO DIE FOR’ by Author Nilay Shah is a spectacular book that I’ve read in recent times and have fallen in love with the book so much that I finished it in one go. The story revolves around a small girl lives in Kashwarg valley.

She doesn’t know who she is. She never knew there existed a world outside the four walls of her cabin. She was too naive to understand. She was held hostage and sexually abused by her Baba all these years. All she knows is if anybody can take her to embrace and free her from the scars of the vast, strange world, it’s only her story’s prince - Aryaman Zafar - Member of Independent Kashwarg Force.

A story that deals with unrest, pain, unjust, war or ideologies and generations, love and hatred, people and their fate with proper details of sequences and images.

It was an amazing book with intriguing narration, amazing storytelling that kept me hooked with the story, great language knowledge and marvellously developed characters. With lots of turns and twists, it made my head turn with its awesomeness.

The title was very much eye-catching and the book cover was impacting. Overall, it was a splendid read.

My overall rating to the book : 4.5/5

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well, your nice review sort the things much clear, that girl and his dream boy is surely catching the eye of the reader and you words for book describes, how much one will enjoy if he/sh is going to read this book.
nice work @storytellersuchi :slightly_smiling_face:

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