Book blurb for Den of death

This book is a vivid piece of poetry collection by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that is based on the infections surged and deaths taken away by the deadly Novel corona virus that started from Wuhan in China and expanded to the entire world.
Priya Verma once again provide great photos which connect to the chapters around and the author has tried to first introduce the work, then move on to highlight few countries who have major epicentres and then 1 chapter is denoted on the major other countries of the world to make an impressive collection.
From Italy to Spain where virus killed thousands, and the surge from United States to United Kingdom where the virus is destructing with more menace, and From India to China in Asian context the poems are well connected and surely let the readers get in touch with the expanse, power and wrath of the disease felt in the wake of technological 21st century.
Thus the work is a well worth read, the poet has tried to express his views on the power this Virus has surged as a deadly disease in the most advance era, and how things will span in future are also predicted for which people can enjoy the same and gratitude all for encouraging to write on such field, It will surely going to be an impressive read at large…


Great sir!

thanks a lot.