Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter!
-Alveera Hafeez

When I close my eyes it is dark,
Same is the colour of my bark,
My hair are black, my eyes are brown,
I am beautiful but my skin colour drowns!

I was rejected for the School Functions,
I was smart and bolt but my skin complexions,
I wasn’t the prefect of my school,
Because my colour was not that cool.

I was walking around the streets,
And saw a person killing my breed,
He said that blacks are slaves of white,
The colour of your skin should be light.

I went to help my fellow in need,
But he hit me hard and I started to bleed,
I lost my senses and when I opened my eyes,
I was in a white room where white bed lies.

The black man in white treated me,
But this incident had heated me,
And I went to raise my voice,
Now you will hear the black’s noise.

They all will say that black lives matter,
They are not meant to get shattered!


Kudos… United we stand against all the odds… and when we fall. We fall with smile n pride :heart:


Thought provoking :heart: loved it @Alveera_Hafeez

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Thank you so much!:heart::heart:

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Thank you @Nits :heart::heart:

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Beautifully penned! Love. :heart:

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Thank you dear​:heart::heart:

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Nicely written

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Thank you :blush::blush: