The feeling of friendship from the start
Is that special feeling in your heart
A feeling from deep down inside
A feeling that no one should hide
A friend is there through good and bad
They make you happy when you’re sad
they brighten up your darkest day
Just by the simple things they say
Now friendship can’t be bought or sold
It may get tarnished, and may get old
You can overcome your greatest fear
Just look around and it is there
Now friendship’s one and only cost
Is to make sure that it’s never lost
Beloved as a friend,
as a sister the same,
The door remains open
in respect, never blame.

In times of trouble,
tears fall from sad eyes,
Open to the feelings
in the distance of skies.

An embrace of support,
comfort from pain,
I would give enough sun
to clear up the rain.

Moments of laughter,
Smiles without end,
The peace of endurance
in the heart of my friend.


Beautiful. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Khoobsurat :heart:

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It’s a really nice feeling to have a real friend and a best friend
Nicely write

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Thank you

Thank you so much

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Yes she’s an angel for me