Belive in me

You believe in me like no one did . You gave me strength. When I am down .You courage me with your words. You bring me up .When everyone bring me down .You won’t let me stand down . You are my eyes. You are my friend. I didn’t belive in my self .You took my hand and said be that person you was ment to be. You belive in me. You see what I can’t see . You are my favorite fans . It like you can see right drove me . You know me inside and outside of me . Know one know me like you . No body can’t take your place . There many people in world. But you only one can see me for I am . I was afraid to show me . You told me spread my wing and fly .Don’t be afraid what there said. You can believe in your self . You just have to belive in your side . Be that person I know you can be . I believe in you . You are the reason I can write again .You that person inspire me. Don’t worry about what people said and think . Believe in your self .Let your words speak for you. I am here for you . You will have fan believe in you . Look ahead and belive in your self . Show the world have spacial you are and belive in your self . No more doubt your self . I do believe in me .Because of you .


Well versed

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It’s nice to read you. :blue_heart:

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