Believe me

Believe me

Believe me world !!
I am not anybody .
so, see i am somebody
just let me go through it.
Believe me world !!
these dew drops are only tears
of night,
i saw it weeping for not having
But you see the Sun shines and
whips away the tears.
Believe me world !!!
I can also be your sun ,
To hide your full moon.
Where no shadow cast your
body ,
i’ll be your identity.
believe me world!
For you see,morning after night
and moon after sun.
Every phase has time
to come and play role.
Believe me world!!
even if i am a woman.
Accept !!
With with less of powers and
endless emotions.
I can make life meaningful.
And balance your manhood with
my fertility.
I can create new world !!!
O world!! I tell you,
If you dont belive me !!
i can create a new world of me,
for i am fertile soil.
So believe me world
because i am a woman.

©Kavita verma



Wow. :heart: