Because it's for a mother

Mother earth, thats what it is called,

It gives us air, gives us water,

Gives us our days n nights,

It gives us greens, gives us blues,

Gives us our what we know as rainbow

Yeah, it does gives us the reason of being

It gives us life, what more can a mother give…!!!

But alas, look what we have done,

Greens are turned to greys,

Blues to black,

Rainbows are lost in smogs,

We, my friend are responsible

For turning life to death…

Its time we show this mother some love,

Be aware, & be responsible,

And let it be alive…

Let the greens be greens, blues be blues

Its time we give the mother nature its lost rainbows…


Very well written. :writing_hand::blush:

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Thank you :hugs:

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Very impressive :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
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Thank you :blush:
Thanks for the welcome

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

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