Beauty of Night

T he breeze on a Spring night very much fresh blowing in a medium pace letting the coconut tree leaves brush the walls of this second floor building in front of my doors. I sat on the stares to the terrace beside the entrance of my house, settled myself comfortably on a tread, with legs crossed leaning my head on the baluster, so that I have a perfect view of the dark sky…

The dark sky filled with gray clouds with stars scattered here & there twinkling just like playing hide & seek with those who admire. The light outside was off, only the light of living room peaking through the slits of curtains, the mild breeze with the fragrance of the trees surrounded pure and chill mixed with the auroma of the dinner being cooked late in one of the neighbourhood.

But all these didn’t matter to me as I was just drawn by the Moon which made the night beautiful. I just was admiring that white round figure with thoughts waving in mind. It felt like sharing thoughts with that familiar (moon) it never mattered for me if he(moon) was half or full, as he was and is my company of my lonely times.

As usual I conversed with him as I admired him, telling things asking questions about my future, my present life why is it so that I forgot to hum even my favourite song playing behind.

Unless I was distracted by this person’s call! I was in dilama whether to answer or not, the ringtone stopped. Soon within seconds it appeared again with his wide smiling photo on the contact display with his name in bold.

I swiped it to green and said “Hello”

“What were you doing?” Asked d person.

“Nothing just sitting outside on stairs, listening to songs” said I.

“Oh okay…” (He wasn’t really bothered what I was doing)

And when I asked him the same question “nothing, sitting simply” he says (out of no interest to share even a pin of his life).

“Why did you call me?” I asked him.

He said nothing, simply and asked me in return “why shouldn’t I call?”

“Will you stop if I say No?” I asked

“No, I really don’t care I will call you anyway” he said.

(Knowing that would be the only answer I will receive) “Then why do you ask such questions???” I asked him in a tone of no interest to talk with him.

Few minutes of silence…

(To be continued…)



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It’s really good! Post the rest of the story soon, please! I feel restless! :thought_balloon::heart:

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:grin::grin: it’s posted!!

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