Beauty of Night (final part)

Few minutes of silence…

“What are you doing” he asks again…

“What happened to you, you are asking the same question again!!!” Said I

I hear him take a deep breath and says “I don’t know” I maintained silence.

“I nowadays have been busy very busy with job and this work from home has made it worse for me even to talk with you there’s a lot of traffic jam inside the house itself (I smile and he heard it) I am sorry dear…” He said

“For…?” I asked in a tone that he is used to.

He smiles and said “Why not interested to talk?”

“I didn’t say anything like that, just asked For, if that’s my fault…ok bye then” I hung up the call!

He wasn’t finished, he came up with the video call the very next minute. When I answered he was smiling very cutely, that I had to controlled myself not to laugh, smiled for a second and continued to have a rude face. He placed the mobile still, knelt in front of the camera, called me , I told " I hate you" without looking the camera, he was smiling and said “ok, you hate me no problems but look at me and hate properly na atleast…”

I looked up, he gave a Kiss (virtual kiss) and told “I am Sorry dear…”

He laughed and asked “I know you are angry on me, but why didn’t you call & yell on me like everytime…? You never kept quiet, you always finish everything then and there itself na… What happened this time?”

I just turned my face away from him didn’t utter a word for a while…

“Madam…” He called,

I saw him, smiled accepted his sorry, little did he know my anger vanished the very next second after seeing him. Maybe all I wanted was to see his smiling face, to know that he’s ok…!!!

“Ok tell why you called ??” I asked laughing and relaxed.!!

“I wanted to be with you, atleast virtually” as he said his face turned innocent like a kid.

“Hmmm, I am here in front of you now tell” I said smiling

“Wait, isn’t there any traffic jam for you at home??, How come they let you so long sit on stairs at night?” He asked.

(As he finished asking this question, my mom yells at me to get inside the as it too cold and late at night)

I stare at him, as he laughed hearing what my mom told!!

“With whom are you talking to at this Time??” She asks

I turn my mobile and show to her… She she’s him laughing and asks him “why are you laughing??” It was then I started to laugh, she asked me the same!!

“Hello Aunty, how are you, it’s been so long” he asks her, she too replies and asks him couple of questions, they converse and I became the mobile stand.

He then “Aunty there something we have to discuss, with your permission I will talk to her for a little longer please…?”

“Ok, you people carry on, don’t talk loudly, sleep soon, Gn dear” she says and leaves.

I sat on my bed, put on earphones and made myself comfortable while all others in home left for sleep. He was waiting for me till then “Ok tell now” I said.

“No you tell, I want to know what you did all these days?”

“Okay fine, I did…” I started to tell all the things I wanted to and our conversation went on until we finished what we had to tell eachother all these days.

Then we watched some random cartoon videos together split-screening between video call & cartoon.

Watching which I fell asleep and woke up the next morning, all I remember was his face not the cartoon…

On the other side (His version)

Maybe all I wanted was to hear her voice and to see her which I failed to do because of all these work stuffs of quarantine…And stressed not only myself but also worried her too…

“I love you, I am saying this and you are sleeping peacefully after all these days… sorry dear for not calling you, good night” I kiss her on screen while she has no idea of it, My Beauty of Night. I screenshot her sleepy cute face…

Sent it to her with a text that read, Gm my sleeping Panda :panda_face:.

Back to Her version

I slept in the middle of the call!:woman_facepalming:t2:

“Gm my sleeping Panda :panda_face:” he has taken a screenshot.

And that’s how my Beauty of Night was.

All you need to do is ask a couple of words with your loved ones and stay connected in spite of all your Work From Home, in this present situation.

Keep discovering all the old memories, find those lost friends of childhood, more than enough if you aren’t in any relationship :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.



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