Beautiful ladies

Topper in school that’s great
Amongst toppers in college superb
Bagged a merit seat in medical that’s awesome
Even did post graduation with distinction
A cherished dream by millions, is a reality of yours.
Where are you heading to …

Running behind kids
Taking care of family
Managing well at work
A perfectionist I must say
Where are you heading to…

Who are you?
What are you up to?
In short , how about you?
Give time for yourself
Think about yourself
Take care of yourself

Life is short
Enjoy your God given gift
Sit and relax take few sips of water in between
What about your hobbies your likes and dislikes?
Remember who you were at school, college …
Your passion in college, your creativity
Don’t let them die
Don’t let your self die
For the sake of others around you.

Love your life
Live your life
Sing, dance, draw and create new ideas …


Fabulous start with a great post @Afsana :slightly_smiling_face:
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Great one, dear. Beautiful. :heart:
I wish writings like this reach more and more people. Keep writing. :heart:
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Nice post
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What a Beautiful piece of Writing.
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