Baba, I love you

I wrapped my palm around your little finger
And you took me up in your arms.
For you, it was scooping up your little princess,
While for me, it was the highest place on earth.

Your hand always held mine tight,
No matter in a crowd or in solitude.
You always stood by me,
No matter it was failure or success.

Your faith made me believe,
Your support made me stronger;
Your hardwork gave me passion,
Your thoughts gave me dreams.

Your morality built my honesty,
Your goodness built my heart;
Your voice made my mind,
Your teachings made my soul.

You embraced us with love in times,
And scolded us once we were on the wrong track.
You shielded us from every disaster,
Like a warm blanket in bitter winter.

You turned your back from the judgemental society,
Encouraged me for every opportunity.
You enlightened me about how equal men and women are,
For they are the two halves that formed this sphere.

Thank you for being there,
Thank you for making me believe,
That the sky is higher
And there’s no limits.



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