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Location: Trinity college, Entire UK
Community channel, Social wellfair group, works for Disability sector

Today we bring you once more this person in frame of interview, but this time the sprectrum is different and so the mood is, hence stay patient and just wait for the joy to spread around.
On the arrival of his new Ebook titled Den of Death from Lulu around the globe, We present to you Mr. Saurabh Pant as a visually impaired author with this interview, so lets get cracking…

  1. Please introduce yourself?
    Hello, My name is Saurabh Pant, I am a visually impaired author born on 4th of April 1994 in the beautiful hill station known as Nainital in Uttarakhand district of India and I use screen reader software known as JAWS to type all my works.
    Since my 1st work titled Affection never dies that was published back in September 2014, in last more than 5 years it has been a great journey through and as author of 121 works with 5 global awards in which 3 came from Romania, 1 from Montenegro and 1 from United States; It feels great to be an author and lets proceed further in this interview…
  2. Please highlight your recent work on this deadly disease spreading across the world?
    I am glad that you mentioned it, usually on 23rd of April on World book day 2020 I have launched this work globally as Ebook from Lulu titled ‘Den of Death’ and it is a poetry collection covering 10 chapters and I hope that readers would enjoy it and shall share their joy and love equally well like they have done to my previous works across the globe, Thank you all for your support.
  3. How do you find your development as an author in last 4 years?
    After rising globally on the scene as a writer was first a way to settle and Nick sir greatly helped in that, further I would say that there were many and still are there are more people with great hearts who have helped including Jerry sir and others, And in last 4 years I have learnt a lot about this global publishing industry and I am still to become more strong and better in coming years, so Yeah it has been a nice journey so far in the global writing calibre.
  4. What are the things from which you learnt?
    The ups and downs, the challenges of rejection as I was growing up, and mostly the problems you have to face as a visually impaired to prove to the world was my biggest learning energy and I got lot of benefits from that all that has gone pass in as a learning curve.
  5. Any regrets or things you would like to change as an author from past?
    There are lot of things you can’t change from the things that have happened but I wish if I could have spent more time with some people, would have made them happy, and that’s the only regret as a busy person I have from that past gone.
  6. What are your future plans coming?
    Like I have mentioned in earlier interviews done as author with other global platforms in 2020 till now, there are plans for Destopia works with Libri Kiado or Komora, few research works on Electronic hydro projects may come with Sweedon, and in Indian concerns I would continue to keep myself busy with Yo alfaaz and Story Mirror, so lets hope it all may go to right direction forward.
  7. How did your GK series change your position as a global author?
    I can say that it completely changed the way people used to consider and the responses I got just for extracts on my blog Safron was extremely heartening to see, But more than that the joy was the way people around the globe responded to them both as audio works and also as prints and PDF across the borders which shows that people are ready to read good content and i feel glad that such tasks did go great by support of great team effort at large.
  8. Any international awards to be honoured in this year to span?
    There is one surely going to come from German Embassy of India for my scientific works in form of Gk Science Series that were published back in april 2019 through Lambert Academic Publishing, also if we are able to come out well from the disease spreading around the globe, one is also to come sure from Romania on my Environmental works, and may be 1 or 2 from here or there, who knows what to come in coming months of this great 2020 as a year to span.
    Also some Indian platforms may try to honour so who knows how they respond in the year and the way they would take my skills into concerns would be interesting to see.
  9. What type of places you feel can be more familiar for any visually impaired?
    I guess those places that have barrier free environment, proper functioning of understanding, having volunteers to serve, and more than anything confidence for visually impaired that their sense and touch can work more effectively would help them serve more.
    Like caves and crevaces are not direct places which anyone visits or have activities daily but buildings and pubs should suit more, so how they act depends more on the lifestyle.
  10. How do you bring your family’s role to play as a writer busy with all the stuff?
    I try to be connected with them, try to make sure that I not get caried away in winds of writing and be practical, and they have also cooperated well so it all fits on the ocasions to boost and keep the morale up whenever required as well.
  11. What will be your message to the new budding authors?
    I would request them not to panick and focus more time on their writing skills, This time is to invest their positive energy as they have more time compared to past, and don’t go bang that you would achieve big or such miracle would happen, Success doesn’t come in one night, be focused and stay connected and if you grow well then you will become a great.
  12. What do you expect from your publishers in India and around the world in times to come?
    Only one thing that they keep faith in me, continue to give their great support like they have in last four years, and if we are able to create good content it will only bring more delight for which I hope to have their blessings in years to come and their support would do a lot.
  13. How will your recent reviews for your Ebooks shall inspire you to write more?
    Firstly I am gratified to Arudha that they consider my work, provided me top reviewers who are themselves great content pioneer, and thence having reviews by them, knowing how far the work titled ‘Warming Fumes’ has had made an impact, is really heartening and makes it feel good for its progress as a digital work by help of such reviews so it will surely boost writing skills more indeed.
  14. Any plans to do other things except writing in rest of the entire year?
    Mainly quizzing would follow moere if we are able to come out of current situations facing worldwide and lets hope that it all goes well so it will help also to be part of some environmental activity in the year to follow soon.
  15. What would you do if you would ask to leave one day free for you besides writing?
    I would try to meet all those who I couldn’t or have got distantly out of connection with, would try to laugh out loud as digital efforts are also part of anxiety for which you need refreshing moments, and would spend a cheerful day strolling in hilly road or visiting a temple or listening out my favourite songs at large.

With that we come to the end of this Interview, Gratitude Mr. Pant for your valuable insights and best wishes for Den of Death in the coming months.
We wish you and your family to be well, stay safe and healthy, and till more such happy moments come for now its cheers to charlie…

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