Author interview with Fishpond Australia

Legacy is not a night’s glory, it takes time, require ability and skill, and if you have created then it shines on everybody crossing all boundaries.
One such example is Mr. Saurabh Pant who comes from Nainital in Uttarakhand and currently located in Delhi in India, and been a visually impaired, but highly skillful through his works as he is author of 120 works and around 10, with 6 self-authored and 4 co-authored are available on our stores.
We are proud on what he has done with his writing skills and to honour it we the Australian stores of Fishpond bring you this author interview, So let’s begin.

  1. Dear author, please Give your short introduction?
    Hello, My name is Saurabh Pant, I am a visually impaired, but use computer through screen readers such as Jaws and Nvda, and I have been author of 120 works that are various in nature, type and genre, and I am thankful to Australian stores of Fishpond that they have decided to take my interview and let’s hope that it will go well, thank you all.

  2. What kind of works your publisher distribute at our place?
    They generally distribute Ebooks through support of the Pacific holding services and I am glad that you both are able to support me out for which I am thankful to both of you.

  3. Do you have works published in other Australian publishers apart from us, if yes who are they?
    I do have my works noted first as Ebooks distributed to places like Booktopia, Colins Bookseller and Dymox, and I have my whole GK Sports Series of 20 books that was published in April 2019 from Canberra press, and I have lot of bloggers from Australia who have reviewed and provided their valuable insights; Thence Yes I do have those publishers in tact and I am thankful to them for their support as well.

  4. Poetry or nonfiction, which one of your work has made more mark at our stores?
    I guess there is only 1 nonfiction of mine that is available at your stores and it is Gk book on ‘Birds’, so having 5 poetry works and they going out of stock in their early months I don’t think I have to explain much which genre dominates the stores more.

  5. Would you like to come again and have more works by you at our place?
    Personally, next year I am thinking to sign in at your place and share some other works, but for now it is only an idea and not into practice so definitely I would try to come at your place and till i don’t sign in Lulu as a publisher shall be able to reach out when I bring my next work there, so till that moment come we both await eagerly.

  6. How did your author journey begin?
    It did begin through braille during my school days, grew up through magazines in the college life, and I was only 20 when my 1st novel titled ‘Affection never dies’ got published, and though I have to change my introduction as author but still I feel that the author journey began with a good start.

  7. When did you find your name globally?
    Credit goes to Nick sir from Philippines who recognised my tallent, to The poem kubili group from United States for chances, Jerry sir from the Raven Cage poetry group where I still contributes, to the Cambridge youth essay group who received my Wilkinson essay and for sure the Queensland essay club for recognising me and they all helped me together to become a fine author by their experience, guidance and mentorship at large.

  8. When did you come to be associate with Fishpond?
    It was only in the early days of 2017 when I was able to find out on internet that my Ebook ‘Burning Asia’ was listed there and I was delighted to find it there and thankful that I still exist at your portal and hope for more impact by my words.

  9. How was your first experience as an author at fishpond australia?
    It was joyous as the place is always ready to encourage, the ebooks quickly go out of stock due to fantastic readers continuing to enjoy, and I am gratified to the place that It welcomed me as a writer first visually impaired later and Its good to see the responses indeed.

  10. Have you made mark in other Fishpond stores apart from the Australian one?
    For sure, I am thankful to your New Zealand stores the way people have responded, also in the United States, and I guess in the Ireland, and I hope people continue to love the works around.

  11. How do readers react to your works at our place?
    They have been happy to go through the Ebooks at your place, I am glad that they have sent me positive feedbacks and I am gratified to both of you including your platform and the readers of my works on the same which makes it a great combination and bring positive responses to my Ebooks on Fishpond Australia.

  12. What is still missing in your writing legacy you would like to add?
    I would like to learn the deepest of touches that I still miss as I feel that writing is an art is still luster in me and I need to grow the same more which would be refined only by practice and shall give better results in future.

  13. Is there any place in Australia where you would like to mention your works associated with Fishpond AU?
    Yes, I would be very happy to mention them if I return to the Harbour bridge in Sydney and with breezes on changing weather, it would be great while talks with coffee going on that I may discuss their impact.

  14. What will be your message to the new rising Australians and all writers around the world?
    A single message to all of them is that they learn the skill of writing and not consider it just a money spinner as it is an art and they must develop it as a long lasting effect.

  15. Do you know any Australians who have inspired you as authors?
    I have few in my twitter profile who have inspired me and they have their own touch for which I respect them and they have been of help as well in writing styles, so yes I know few of them and do enjoy the way they write indeed.

  16. What is your ultimate goal to be a professional author?
    My goal is to give a long lasting literature to the world, to make sure that they keep enjoying the contributions of a visually impaired, and also to keep the content of that literature healthy for long that should suit the reader’s mind and shall leave a better impression at large.

  17. Being visually impaired, you feel that screen readers have done enough? Or there is more to itt to your community?
    I don’t think that the game is over yet, there is still more to it that’s why newer versions have come and I am glad you mention it as we need their more assistance which will lead to a better future as they are kind of boon in our working lives.

  18. What will be your thoughts for your community to make it more close to be inclusive?
    To give equal respect to the sighted people, and do compete but also make sure that you set standards for all and if you are able to do that it will be more easy to be inclusive for all.

  19. Any hobbies apart from typing books on computer in your life?
    Yes, I like to enjoy music, explore new destinations being student of history once, search vegetarian food tastes across the globe, and for sure listening to great people and making new friends while I am exploring are my key hobbies.

  20. Any big dreams to go apart from writing in your future life?
    Not sure of big dreams, but still i do have to find a settled system to my life so yes there are some dreams to fulfill and let’s hope that in next few years I should reach them with ease…

With that we come to the close of this great interview with such a strong personality, we wish Mr. pant luck for his future ventures and hope that he will continue to encourage all with his writing skills.
Also we hope for his presence soon in any form with new efforts on Fishpond stores, till more such joy moments come, like it is known to be, cheers from charlie and we the Australian stors of Fishpond bid you with lot of smiles at large…

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