Author interview with Buecher, Germany

Skill is something that enables you, give you freedom and go big and same is with visually impaired Mr. Saurabh Pant from Nainital located in Uttarakhand in a country like India with its great culture around.
Let’s give him a stage as he is greatly celebrated by we the “Buecher” that is a publishing company in Germany, and we are going to take his interview, so without any delay let’s invite him and go bang…

  1. Please give your brief introduction?
    I am a visually impaired author from India, has 120 works under my name, has been awarded with 5 international awards from which 3 came from Romania, and I feel that being a visually impaired with screen reading access is a great feeling to represent in the world around us.

  2. How did you find an authir in you?
    I guess it is a long story but very briefly credits goes to my parents they identified earlier than even I had realised and kept faith in me to give constant chances to develop the skills.

  3. Are there any natural factors that drive in your creativity?
    Yes I do come from a city where Nature is respected and has its great influence, thus belonging to Nainital does help the calmness that requires the most for a writer in such a vast competitive industry to think well and execute plans well.

  4. How do you generally plan a book to write?
    Firstly i discuss with my team what may be the key title, then I plan the whole chapters thinking them through connecting with each other, then discusses key photos with the editorial teamm, and then let the process of acceptence on the publisher’s web channel go that settles my book perfectly.

  5. Any thoughts on current digital writing trends?
    Good to update for all, but cheaks won’t be tolerated, and we should be in the legal way that’s all my belief is even in this new Cyber age.

  6. Any family learnings that helped you do go into the writing field?
    Yeah my father does enjoy lot of varians in hindi language and knos a lot about hindi literature and same goes with my mother, So the language has changed but not the inspirations they both present to me as parens and family.

  7. How did your educational institutes help you to become a writer?
    Firstly braille script helped me to boost confidence and school did host many writing contest where I did take part, after coming to college I kept getting the support of people who write well, and as far other institutes are concerned they continued to show faith in me which boosted my development.

  8. Why did you choose multiple genres as the time progressed?
    I didn’t choose them as far I recall them, it was only the transition that took place as I carried along and it settled me to become a multigenre writer in short span of time itself.

  9. Which international writer has inspired you the most?
    I think time and again I have mentioned many similar names but in recent times I have changed my choice to G. Norman Lippert and though he has written fan fiction, still he has inspired me a lot in this 21st century.

  10. Any experience in the beautiful country like Germany?
    Frankfert was a great experience in 2019 for me where I attended a conference on Water management on world water day and I feel that in future I may try to have more such great experiences around.

  11. How will you explain the contributions made for raven cage?
    Jerry sir has been a great support, also all the members who contribute and read my poetry has been heartening, and I hope that the journey in the Zine shall continue in future also.

  12. Your expressions on the journey so far with such a distributer like Buecher in Germany?
    I guess they have been great partners as far progressing in the world of digital books is concerned, And I hope that in future they will continue to bless me with their support in the field of Ebook writing.

  13. Tell us a little bit about the time spent with Lambert Academics?
    Yes it has been a great one, I came to their contact in 2018 and planned a GK series but it would be such great I didn’t expect, and the responses they shared was great so credits to them for such support around.

  14. Where do you feel that you still have to improve?
    In all aspects, I will turn 26 this April and I still feel that I am new to the writing industry so hard work in all fields of writing is still open and hope to do better.

  15. Any plans for further writing in the publishers connected to Germany?
    I think there may be possibility at the end of this year or may be next year, We shall update all, keep following the Safron blog for more updates.

  16. Any message for the readers who enjoy your works across the globe?
    A big thanks to them, Hope they will continue to share their love and hope we will continue to present better content for their interests around.

  17. Which field you would choose to explore more as a writer this new year?
    I am thinking to spend some time on my GK series extract for my blog, then I will think of writing few Destopia based creations, and let’s see how the year span ahead.

  18. Do we expect you to see more on Lulu and others this 2020 again?
    I am not sure but I will try my best to produce good content on such great portals and let’s hope for the best in a new year spreading ahead.

  19. What will be your words to the visually impaired community in Germany?
    I will not give long ideal lectures that such things would take place, but I would only urge them to keep their efforts on the right go, Know your judgements and carry on the efforts.

  20. Lastly what are your hobbies? what drives you to have all the energy that is required the most in the writing field?
    My hobbies include having places explored, listen Indian music, have vegetarian tastes, and meet new friends on certain destinations.
    As far energy is concerned, it comes from the need to carry on writing and I am gratified to you for giving your valuable time for the interview, Let’s close this out here…

With that we come to the close of the interview, Gratitude Mr. Pant, hope you all enjoyed his quick answers, Till more such glorious moments come, like it is known to be It’s cheers to charlie and all…