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Ladies and Gentlemen, We are pleased to have this prominent author interviewed by our expert Trevis Medcaff and we hope that his insights should excite you and shall encourage as well to be great in your life.
So without any further interventions let’s get straight to the this interaction and begin the interview itself-

Give us a brief introduction about yourself sir please!
A visually impaired author who was born in Nainital in uttarakhand and has written around 120 books in span of last 5 years with 8 of them on Bookmate globally is a happy feeling to introduce indeed.

Your interested that drove you towards writing?
The beautiful nature of my hills, the cultural affection of my area, and lastly the family’s love towards skill was that all drove me towards writing.

How was it in India to write before you came to the globe?
It was a nice feeling with presenting research papers, reciting poetry in college times, submitting for magazines and getting published and then getting my 1st book in market and then writing for Indian websites where I am still connected and showered lot of love for which I am gratified.

Were early steps to international writing filled with challenges?
With support of Nick sir who has parted ways in Feb 2019 but was a great help that time, global writing was not a challenge and only ahe wind of accuracy was required which Nick sir and other proficient hearts provided and that helped a lot.

How did things happening globally like Quizzing apart from writing inspired to make a mark in the world?
Both coordinate inspiration for each other and as Quizzing is a team sport thence writing is also a team activity and hence understanding of team work make it a great inspiring task with blessing and support of all at large.

How was the feeling when your global works were first found to be on Bookmate?
A feeling of joy, a pleasing sense of delight, and a hope that I will be able to get more readers here and they should be happy to go through was my thought at that moment.

Does your readers feel it easy to go through your works here?
Yes they are pleased, as far I have connected them here, they enjoy the works and hope for more which I shall try my best in future to keep on the journey.

Has bookmate helped you to make a global mark, How?
Yes the portal has indeed, Before it My reach in certain translations was a thought, but Bookmate made it a real prospect and for that I am thankful.

What would you like to be more impressive as an author on bookmate?
To create better content, to make sure that things on my side are accurate, and to deliver the best shall be my only priority here.

Is there any further goal to submit works directly on our platform also?
It is still a thought, when it will be reality, that should be in front of all of us, so for now I can say that it is in thoughts for sure.

Have our other store platforms in different languages and countries has helped you to be more affective?
Yes they have, from Russia to Servia, from Denmark to Sweedon, and from Turkey to Portugal and all others they are great and able to find readers in all of us that make the joy bigger.

Has our social media and author interactive session helped you to make more mark?
Yes certainly, they are a boost for me and I hope that your support shall continue as ever.

How do you consider your future in writing regarding bookmate?
I feel that there is a long journey we have to travel and that is only my vision to keep the consistency and become better.

What other types of writing your huge readers on Bookmate can still expect?
There are lot of genres I have to cover; In fact Playwright are very limited in my case and mystery fiction is hardly touch, So I expect there is still lot to come.

Any advices on the services as an author you get here?
To make them accurate in future as they are now and carry on the journey together with equal pride is my only tip for sure.

Any authors on Bookmate who inspire you?
Lot of them, specially those who stay for longer duration, and the rhythm is the key so those author keep that style are surely liked a lot.

Any group discussion, comment feed or status on our portal that has been discouraging for you?
Na not at all, In fact I am thankful to Bookmate for such great services and I hoep that they shall continue in future.

Would you also like to contribute for advicing people who do social work through our academic support?
Yeah, their were some readers on Bookmate Ukraine and Kazaksthan with whom I had discussion on that and surely I should be greatful if oppurtunity come.

Should we keep up with the intaraction pattern or you want to connect more closely with your readers here?
I think it’s great for now, you can keep with it, and hope to be part of it again soon.

Lastly, as a visually impaired, what will be your message to all differently abled tallents in the globe?
Do not quit! No matter whatever you do, don’t quit by any challenge or struggle that come.
Accept the life, love your condition and go on, that’s my only advice and happiness should come itself, Be your engine and the car will move on…

With that hoping for more works, considering that present works stay in great reading glory, and wishing the best of luck for his future, the interview comes to the close.
We hope that our readers on the portal, people who shall go through this on Mr. Pant’s official Fb page and others should enjoy it, and with promise to continue the support with this great author as it is said It’s cheers to charlie now…


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