Author interview with Bokus, Sweedon

When he types people feel elated, when he creates people feel mesmirised and when he enjoys it will turn everyone mood on, that is visually impaired Mr. Saurabh Pant for you.
Coming from a beautiful hill station, Nainital that is located in uttarakhand in India, He will be with us for an author interview and we hope you will enjoy the same, so let’s get a move on with the process:

  1. Please give a brief introduction of yourself?
    Hi, My name is Saurabh Pant, I am a visually impaired author who types his work through screen reader software known as Jaws.
    Being author of around 120 works, recipient of 5 global literary awards from which 3 came from Romania, 1 from Montenegro and 1 from United States, and contributer of works in various genre, I am a simple person and I look forward to this great interview ahead.

  2. Who do you think are most responsible to promote writing?
    There is not one person that is always responsible, how things are treated and how long their legacies is presented is also a key, and on those factors who drive the publishing industry ultimately goes on with the responsibility to preserve the harmony of writing itself.

  3. Why, according to you, writing is an art?
    It requires the sense of expression, the skill to make sure that the best is created, the understanding of designing each writing structure, and lastly it requires appreciation not only financial embodyment for which I consider it as an art not only a money spinner industrial goal indeed.

  4. What type of strengths are most vital to grow writing skills in your ideas?
    To believe that an idea would work on the proper way, that is to say that planning the strength of a person’s best writing skill is most vital in all due respects, Although to promote strengths to how such plans will be implemented is also essential.

  5. How did your family get convince that you can do good in the writing field?
    I feel that I didn’t ask them to be on my side, first I experimented and observed how good shall be this writing field, and once all my challenges were settled they were not complaining much so it was all well settled.

  6. In most of your writing speeches you talk of generous mediums, do you think they can be managed?
    No they are not managed and they are applied, as they are those mediums which will increase and shall become thinner, thus managing them for lifelong is not possible, so applying such mediums is the ultimate responsibility of a writer himself or herself.

  7. Who according to you can help new generation to learn practical ideas of writing?
    The reading of the text of past, and the prominent writers who are living from more than 50 years in our planet are two sources who can encourage the energies and calibre of the new generation in the field of writing.

  8. How did you come to grow as an international writer?
    It is a long story and should take long time, but growing as an international writer led to many factors like Poem Kubili and Raven cage helping me via writing chances, Nick sir and other writers guiding to grow better, many other local writing groups encouraging to prove further, and hence I would say that the energies they all involved ultimately led me to this great pathway around for which I am gratified to all of them.

  9. Any happy memories with Sweedon along side the distributers connected to lulu Publisher inc?
    Yeah back in 2017 I did join Score online and it was great to partner with them in some environmental projects and make sure that climate contributions be done, so it has been a great feeling to enjoy them for sure.

  10. How do you feel to have your books in famous places like Bokus and Adlibris?
    They both have been great support in last 3 years, have provided great platform and I would love to have Decisions of Heart, Asian Winds and Warming Fumes there as well, would be icing on the cake, thanks to both for their great support till now and hope it shall continue in future.

  11. what arre the basic ways to have readers being convinced of great content?
    There is only one rule to convince the readers and that is to assure that your work is being checked in many professional ways, it is being approved by a whole team that works behind, and if you have taken steps proper to assure readers about your content it is a good sign that will take you to a better direction at large.

  12. Who do you feel to have inspired you in your journey as a global writer?
    My parents first of all, the entire team that works so hard, all the distributors along side the many publishers, and for sure all the readers who share their valuable time to make my works a better one always, so thanks to all of them and they have inspired me a lot.

  13. Happy with the responses of the reader community in Scandanavia? Or wish it to be increased more?
    Yeah pleased the way things has gone by in the last 3 years and the way they have enjoyed my works, But for sure I would love the fact if their numbers would keep increasing as without them an author can’t be a better one, so yeah pleased and would like to increase that if possible as well whether on Apple books Norway, Bookmate Sweedon or in Kobo stores of Denmark, Norway, Sweedon and Finland which would be great with due all respects.

  14. Why do you wish to insist on the growth of content prepration rather than combination of virtual technologies in the field of writing?
    It is very clear precept that no matter how many technologies you are able to use If you don’t know the basic precept wel then the art of writing is completely missing, thus first a writer must focus on preparation and then use effective technology which will prove better results.

  15. Any future plans to write in beautiful country like Sweedon or to visit the same?
    May be in future I shall plan if possible, there may be plans to write or publish with great publishers of Sweedon, but for now I can only say that they are the things of future and they will come as the time shall suit to present itself.

  16. Any tip for the new budding authors with pros and cons of writing?
    Remember that you are a member of a vast industry, don’t get potent that there has a sharp turn, Accept the competition and live up to your plans to be a better writer, and it will do for sure.

  17. Who would you like to give credit for your success across the globe as a writer?
    It hasn’t come easy nor i deny that it is a complete success yet, but the thing is that all who have been involved are worthy of credit whether family or friends, distributors and publishers, team and co working mates and everybody who have known has encouraged me to improve the skills so hope to do better in future and continue to grow well in the field of writing.

  18. Any plans to write research works in the field of water harvesting, energy consuming and sustainable development concepts in future?
    Not thought of them yet, still pleased with the GK Science series and GK Environment series, but in future may be I shall think of them, there is long way to go in the field of writing and I still have to learn a lot in multiple genres so yeah plans are under way and lets hope they come well in future.

  19. If you would asked to leave writing and go out on a single beutiful day, what would you do?
    Only one thing would be in mind and that will be laughter all around, everyone enjoying the day and I shall be pleased to have such a good day as stress and anxiety is something that can’t be taken out from present day efforts so yeah a happy day would be my call.

  20. Lastly to close out, Any plans to enjoy the peaceful moments to come in the new year 2020?
    Peaceful moments may be many and I can include my birthday in that, but apart from that lets see how the year span and how far I can work more in the field of writing, the moments will appear as the time wil pass for sure.

With that we come to the close of this great interview and we are gratified Mr. Pant that you provided your valuable time to us for such a great talk.
Keep writing, keep inspiring an we hope that in future Sweedon would love to read more from you no matter what the genre may be you are a great writer, and till those happy moment appear as the time will pass like it is said for now its cheers to charlie, Thank you all…