August Rain

When love falls from August clouds.
My heart gets wet with falling mirth.
Small drops with
tickling sounds.
Wraps my heart with a silken band.
I love you August rain,
the dark grey watery clouds,
high above the sky.
So when i sit by my window.
All around lying the soft pillow.

The small birds ,
suffused the sky with
twittering sounds.
They consummate the ambiance with soft mumbling .

Then ,I see a fair maiden
young and pretty wet figure.
With serenaded on pink lips.
Dancing in the dancing rain.
Like she’s been waiting since the ages.

The little snowflakes ,
in the blackest valley
she steps down .

The August rain ,
through my window,
i feel my time has fixed in clock.
I need to look at the sky
which is grey and molten .

Then i see a young prince
with his golden valiant sword.
Swaying in his right hand,
on his huge staircase.
Lots of badges and stars,
shining on his royal attire.
And when he is moving forth his hand to my little window .
I just go out to see him.
he is vanished out in the rain.
The fancy prince is all alone,
with fruit of my imagination.

Then i flip a smile ,
to the August rain in the sky.
And my window shows me
a child,
giggle face and treasure of
And its little face is
washed away by the tears of the sky.
Then i go to kiss it,
but when i go to touch it ,
touch me only
the dropping rain …
I just love the August rain…

©kavita verma
August 2014


August is my favourite cause it’s my birthday month, so I dedicate this to me. :stuck_out_tongue::heart_eyes:


wonderful piece ! :blush:


Keep enjoying it


Lovely :blush: post :heart: