Assurance of peeled aloof

Whose there to call a heart and give assurance of peeled aloof?
I think many with stand with lying proofs and cry their loving propose.
where people started cheating each other,
there regrets and threats of fearing sorry increased over.
what shall i write about the naked love of the faked humanities?
where shall i go and cry out my stories?
when should i come out and move on from those emotionless aloof?
how should i deny the tears to roll down and flow?

It is actually not my pinned up thoughts,
nor are they my noisy fears,
in fact it is the dumped story of those silent lovers and love viewers,
those are dusted with the memories of past thoughts!broken hearts


Uff uff this is outstanding daughter

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aah…thanku… muu

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Welcome :blush::hugs: cutie

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hey.dii i have sent you email.:slightly_smiling_face: