As vague as smoke rings

::As vague as smoke rings::

I try to create

our moments together,

With a mouthful of nothingness

in the dark ceilings….

Wistfully my lips pout

thinking about your touch…

I try rekindle

the fire inside,

give shapes to

the fleeting thoughts…

They tease me

with their nothingness,

rise slowly

to disappear from

where they were born…

I know the love stories they tell

are as vague as smoke rings…

Yet, they give me a reason

To love the lonely dark ceiling….

© Sukanta …2019


Great post @Sukanta_Mohapatra
Every bit of this post is interesting and I enjoyed reading it.
Also, welcome on YoAlfaaz
Keep writing

Welcome to YoAlfaaz.
Looking forward to more symbolic poetry

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