Arctic fox

This creature is easily seen closer to Arctic when it gets frozen where it is witnessed trying to buck up some left food or hunt smaller prays available in white snow.
Being a mammel it generally hibernates but to do that, it scavange and hunt nicely whenever oppurtunity comes and also teaches it’s rising cubs how to make it a possible impression.
Generally what Arctic fox is known for is that it is able to locate areas where it can gain more food and make it it’s habit to take chances of left out prays.

In consent of the family, Mother generally breed 2-3 cubs at a time and mating period is before the Arctic snowfall when sun is visible.
The father is known to be rusty member who is visible only around the mating times and once it ends so the process of being closer to family and after that the male takes it’s own expedition to support certain survival.
What is the speciality of the family of Arctic fox that if they are able to spot out their old family relations they keep them strong and if any bigger predator like Polar bear approaches the combine strength is terrible and in their unity they can also go to white wash attack that is a unique family situation indeed.

It is known for it’s clever brain, accuracy to hunt and even steal when required necessary according to the climate situation in Arctic to stay on basis of weather.
Besides it very closely stays near to the icy bird colonies and take advantage when their young ones fall down in practice of flight that becomes it’s meal or brunch in process of survival that helps the fox’s family system greatly also.
Usually in mistaken situations, the creature comes to act and kill them as well as teaches it’s young ones to do the same that can come vital in their future when they may face struggle to survive in white weather of Arctic.

As far their predators are concerned, the biggest threat they have is from the Polar bears who can attack their caves while searching for hybernation and can counter such places by killing even the adult ones.
These foxes are also in threat in their early age from Arctic Lings who can target them deceiving their strength of speed and attacking them from big paws that make things challenging for the species while it is in grown up stage trying to exist in such environment.
Ultimately the most challenging issue for them is when they start to recognise the change of nature while Arctic is in front of sun and at that sphere of time it bring them in contact of Marine creatures or bigger marine immigratory birds who are able to kill them with ease and hence it is not an easy way for them trying to adjust such situations.
Creatures are not the only predators Arctic fox has to face like all other living animals in the world and hence their encounter against the explorers or tourists in form of Humans hasn’t been a great one specially for those who are merrily wishing to travel to Arctic for their hunting regions as well and has used the nature to great potential.
Though their hunt or pray by humans is banned under certain Arctic treaty, there is hardly a balance in the way humans has tried to kill them specially for their wooly hair or furr and hence Arctic fox has also been the target for some people in form of meat who have base settlement closer to border areas of Arctic ocean.
Besides these creatures also get infected by the noises of the moving bases of human activities and has been the hunt of environmental discourse in recent years by such transport movement that has caused their numbers to shrink and hence certain animal organisation have to step forward for calling to save them indeeed.

In local bases closer to arctic, certain scientists have committed great movements to stop huge hunting by their fellows and has asked for conserving such great creature which is much unique than compared to it’s other fox relatives in entire world and has developed itself to such great critical environmental conditions.
the arctic treaty, IUCn and World Wildlife fund all have come together to address the issue of conserving crreatures with furr in such icy conditions and IUCN has also set up a mammel watching committee specially for Arctic that also closely look on progress and safety of such great creatures that has a prominent list including Arctic Fox.
Ultimately if we are careful in our approach for movement across the Arctic, recognise that Arctic foxes like creatures get affected with our environmental disaray, and can help in protecting the nature around them- There is a chance of protecting them and we the humans can solve it the best way by which they can be conserved that can bring great results in longer terms for which we must commit and save them for sure…

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