Anniversary of a heart break

"Oh, the day came again with so much memories of you that never faded for me. And again this healing heart obstinacy to break by you on its appentency. Again waiting for you to come back and assuring my heart by giving it my condolences.
It’s been a long time since when you left, Everything fell into pieces. My heart almost healed and suddenly the day has arrived and I listened the loudest voice again. It was my heart that broke again on its anniversary. And I know that the cycle will continue till eternity until you come back home.
Do you know that the tears you gave me bacame an ointment for the broken heart. You also don’t know I still cry exactly in that grief like I did for the first time when you left. Do you even know that what’s the condition of this heart when you said that it’s over, Even the angels were crying. Tell me how to convince my heart that it’s over. How to forget you, what to do with the pain. Just tell me once that what to do with these eyes that still cry the oceans. Just tell me when will this stop. I’m hanging in a hurricane of pain.
Should I wait for you to come back or should I announce your infidelity to this heart. In what manner I tell my heart the separation of separation? It will die with its unrequited love.
Do you know that when you left I listened the loudest scream that no one ever heard and ever will. My heart that scattered into million li’l pieces and those li’l once scattered into more li’l once. It was the agony of our love. Yes, This is the day when you left me with the broken pieces of my heart that prick every time. I was looking here and there for the help, for anyhow I prevent your going. After you I’m now unable to find a difference between reality and dream. It all seems fake to me.
Yes, This is the day of the anniversary of a heart break. "


amazing post @allbouanappingnoodle
it’s really nice and sad too to read this
the feeling you show is presented so nicely

keep writing and sharing friend

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Very emotional… well penned


You expressed the emotions very well and many people can relate to this post. Great write-up and welcome to YoAlfaaz :slight_smile:


It’s a pleasure having read this