And your eyes... you laugh alot but your eyes are sad

Tears are so much valuable
And having a hold on them
Makes you what others can’t see.
It makes you view the state of a plea.

I have seen some great people
Possessing this authentic power.
This isn’t about learning it.
It comes naturally
Seeing the things shatter
In front of your eyes.
This comes with sleepless nights
And waiting tiredly for the morning
With the wide-open eyes.
There is no escape from this.
Escaping won’t make you tough.
Facing the destruction with all eyes open.

So, most people will fail to know
That person with such a story
Who makes everyone laugh
By cracking jokes and witty talks.
A very few will recognize those
Tired pain carrying eyes.
Those people are the sensible ones
Whom one should value.

It is really a matter of time
That you get some fine people
With whom you can share stuff and
Don’t have to worry about being judged.
Those who understand and say,
“You laugh a lot but your eyes are sad.” . .
आज अगर भर आई है
बूंदे बरस जाएगी
कल क्या पता किनके लिए
आँखें तरस जाएगी
जाने कब गुम हुआ, कहाँ खोया
इक आंसू छुपा के रखा था

Meaningful words :slight_smile: