An Open Letter To The Women Workers Return Home Late At Night



:black_medium_small_square:An Open Letter To The Women Workers Return Home Late At Night :black_medium_small_square:


The Women Workers who return home late,

I am writing this letter with the full preparation to wish you all a cheerful & brave ‘Women’s Day’ for the immense hard work you all accomplish everyday being stagnant in a hectic schedule.

The job you’re appointed with needs your engagement of twelve to thirteen hours a day, let it be in mncs or private sectors or corporate offices; you don’t get a chance for a single day to return home a little earlier.

And, this causes a huge centre points of the problems in your family.The over- possessive husbands walk restlessly doubting your job, the irritated & sick mentality of mother-in-laws never get them redemption of doubting your character,your restless children wait for your one glimpse & want to sleep with you.

After a long tiring day, when you return to your home, face a lot of hurdles in front of your eyes.The sick mentality of the neighbours didn’t leave your matter out of their nose-poking issues, they love to waste their auspicious times to cheerfully bitch about you & tag you ‘shameless’ for nothing, your husbands make a lot of complaints & fight with you staining you as a ‘characterless’ woman, your typical mother-in-laws easily mention you as a ‘irresponsible’ woman & your children get pissed off of your late coming.

But, nobody takes their a little bit of time to appreciate the effort you put behind your work, nobody looks onto your endless tiredness behind your swollen eyes, nobody even cares to know how you try to uplift your family from the core of your heart, nobody gives a damn how insecure you can feel in a lonely road at late night,trust me nobody does!

I appreciate the storm you behold in your soul ,i love the way you all surpasses the dust of those heart staggering comments from your shoulder.I bestow my each & every respect to your inner strength to manage the balance of your family, work & shitty mentality of society.

You all proved that coming home late at night doesn’t mean you are inviting your skin to be handovered to some advantagetakers, you proved coming late means the wide span of works,neither means your characterlessness nor your irresponsibility.

We must learn a large amount of lessons through your terrible lifestyle.We need to be acknowledged with your uncountable patience limit for your work schedule & immense pressure.

Hope, one day this old-fashioned stinky mentality of society will learn to know that, hope that day they will not judge you all anymore with their prejudiced eyes.

Thank you for breaking barriers & showing the world time can’t bind you with its limited dimension of gender & mentality ,because your strength lies in a larger depth more than the “time”!

Sending huge respect to you all out there, in the auspicious moment of ‘Women’s Day’!


A ‘woman’ supporter!





well @storytellersuchi you are really great with your words, ideas, and style. Also, your work is making me, your fan. Really going very well and your topics are really heart toucing and realistic.
thanks for being here at YoAlfaaz and keep writing.


I am speechless, all I can say is superb


Thank you @Ravi_Vashisth , @thegurjyot & @navjyotsingh.rajput :heart::pray::pray:…It means a lot to get feedback from you all!:heart::pray::maple_leaf: