An Open Letter To The Sleepless Nights

:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS :black_medium_small_square:

Dear sleepless nights,

I often think the way you have accompanied me to eventually grow up & supply mental strength can’t be explained by thanking you.I have lived eternities sitting in the balcony in a moment & counted stars again & again & at last ended up mistaking.

My insomniac veins love to welcome you with warm heart as you have stirred intoxication in them,the intoxication of losing my soul & the intoxication of arresting my whole being to the darkness of night sky.I’ve always been confused in tracing love from everything & you are the only way for my evaluation with both of my conscious & subconscious mind. I’ve never given accurate judgement with the depth of gazes i saw in men.The brown voluptuous eyes would’ve signalled me to dip into the mysterious love that could fantasize me completely but i’ve never chosen them & again those oceanic inebriating eyes beckoned me not to love but to enjoy the short dalliance & rapidly vanish.I trusted them more than anything & fall down to the slabless trap of them.

I have always embraced you with the drops of my tears, with my havoc wretched heart & with the thoughts of my extremely underestimated soul.I’ve always felt mediocre in a relationship where i’ve been dominated for days,where clutching hands were even never been my first step.Whenever,i got any confusion or a symptom of wrongdoing, i come to you tiptoeing & clear my confusions in the solace of night.

I have rubbed my lips for uncountable times just to find the taste of my first kiss but never found it ,perhaps it never showered me with the love i urged for or,perhaps it tasted too casual to be remembered,& such immaculate things pervaded my mind with the help of you, the sleepless nights!

I know, i won’t ever be able to leave your inseparable bond as i’ve slowly loved your presence surpassing the dislikes of you.Now, you’ve been my habit & perhaps, i’ve been too.

I get to know the real meaning of love lies in the hearts equally skip the beats each time it gets the touch of one igniting desire.I haven’t found yet though; but i know, one day i will surely gonna get this with the help of your bliss.

Thank you for always making me realise the true side of every impactful incident!

Yours only,

an insomniac soul.



Oh wow, every next line is more beautiful than the previous one. Enjoyed reading it. :slight_smile:

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Well penned.

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@storytellersuchi perfect. Person infected with insomnia is beautifully and very nicely presented by you. Whatever goes into his/ her mind, heart is here. Nice post really

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Well well well,
Someone’s really hardcore on some really good stuff

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@Sheela_Joby2019 @navjyotsingh.rajput @thegurjyot @Ravi_Vashisth Thank you guys!:heart::heart::heart::heart::pray::pray::pray: