An Open Letter To The Single Mothers



:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SINGLE MOTHERS :black_medium_small_square:


The single mothers,

I am writing this letter to address you all that i am short of words to pour all my benevolence upon you & the endless power you behold.Nowadays, we are all habituated to listen a term ‘single parenthood’ in this modern era.But, a few of us are only well-acknowledged with the hard struggle of such strong-hearted decision makers.

With the single parenthood, there comes a lot of responsibilities from taking care of the children properly to managing houseworks & then balancing the economical status of the family. I have seen many of the men out there are also handling single parenthood with so much of pride & excellence, and i salute them with all of my heartfelt respect! But when it comes for a woman, it gets a little tougher than of a man! You all have to go through a lot of criticisms & hurdles for proceeding further as a single mother, like criticisms from her own family, non-supportive circle, peer pressure & illicit comment & a tag of a ‘characterless’ for sure!

I don’t find any sense or legality with such unnecessary barricades & unwanted hatred in a issue of keeping on a big responsibility like single motherhood.Due to emotional blackmails, mentality gap between two opposite genders, regular fights & turmoils etc, couples get divorced & have to bring up their children single handedly.As a result, a mismatch between couples never leave a sober impact on their children & for this, a mother like you all needs to work hard to provide them a healthy environment until they grow up.My words can’t justify the struggle you all face to uplift from a crisis period, the journey you travel to keep the evil intentions away from you & your children throughout your life & the indomitable desire to see your children at the top as human beings.

If women empowerment truly is succeeding with flying colours, you people have all the rights to cherish every bit of it.You accurately symbolizes the real meaning of the upliftment of developed women society from the start to end.

On this Women’s day, i want to thank all of you for making everyday as a ‘women’s day’ as well as your day for your hard work gets fruitful hiding so much of pain behind the smiling face of your kid!

Last but not the least, stay as you all are, strong, brave & head held high like a true woman!


An ardent supporter.



again and again someone is surprising us with great work and that’s none other than @storytellersuchi , your letters are really stealing hearts and so important. Every new letter is special and necessary in own terms.
This time your credit to single mothers is great and I hope they all too like it.
nice post


I am blessed that you liked my write-up!:heart::blush::maple_leaf:@Ravi_vasishth


And we are blessed to have you here @storytellersuchi


Is it possible that you could ever miss out some real stuff…
Dayum you write good and I mean it @storytellersuchi.


@navjyotsingh.rajput it’s my privilege to be a part of this community, where you guys are too sweet to be believed! Thanks a lot for loving my effort!:blush::heart::pray: