An Open Letter To the Rape Victim

:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO THE RAPE VICTIM :black_medium_small_square:


The Rape Victim,

Words aren’t able to show my wretched heart & wreaked nerve while gathering the courage to put my words dedicated only to you, to your soul. The most heinous & appalling atrocity is nothing except than the “Rape”. I am now with my teary-eyed & losing the control to write anymore for you. My spine chills down & thoughts gets choked whenever I try to feel the pain your soul is continuously bearing, but it is impossible to feel the same exactly like you!

Getting sexually exploited not only kills a woman from inside but also insists her to survive like a living corpse. Nothing remains left when an innocent soul is preyed by the web of some lusty demons. Moreover, witnessing all celebrating ‘Women’s Day’ with their satisfied life & gleeful enthusiasm perhaps make you nauseous from inside with the injustice happened to you. You perhaps still live in the dark abyss seeing your knavish criminals walking their broad chest with fearless mind. And our society is actually faulty & responsible for such situations as they can easily criticize a woman in the basis of their clothes but can’t prevent & teach the proper way to resist the lust of the demons! We are undoubtedly living in a failed society who still puts all the blame on you for this most unfortunate brawl.

Fake feminists will only act of crying in the basis of gaining publicity, they will not try to bring on justice & take you out of this darkness where victims are demoralized & trampled for the scars imprinted on their skin. I know it’s not possible to free of any of those scars you soul got but the way you have faught or still are fighting is salutable. My tinier words aren’t doing a pinch of justice to your havoc struggle in life. Every day brings a new fight & there’s no way out to avoid that. And, here I am, with my torn heart & crisped mind come to hear of a bunch of news of woman rape. I can’t stay calmed whenever such happens. My warm blood makes me extremely hitted up & enraged towards those insects of this society; I feel like immediately murdering them with the harshest punishment ever.

The agony of molestation is beyond digestible,

the agony of hearing your own name as a “rape victim” is scornful,

& the agony of never getting back your previous life is too unendurable to live.

Maybe, i will be finished with my word-stock, but your miseries, doldrums & trauma are never going to end.

I can’t wish you a ‘Happy Women’s Day’ until you mentally, physically & socially get justice for the crime occured against you & our damaged society will learn respecting souls not lusting behind their fleshes. Until then, I pour all my benevolence & genuine love for your strength & my respect for your constant fight back.

Hope,we will be able to change our mindset as well as eradicate the atrocities against women!

Your sincerely,

A concerned soul.



I really am out of words for your contribution. Not only for writing on YoAlfaaz, but for choosing such topics.
For a girl being raped, her mental problem and blockage is the worst thing. She finds herself alone, no one around even to talk to. This shake her from inside and sometimes results in either depression or even bad i.e. suicide.
What I wish for them is they should first get some mental relief and support and then anything else, because sometimes a girl get justice but she is no more alive to face it.

great going my friend, i wish god you wings to fly over minds and change them.


@Ravi_Vashisth jii your comment made my day…thank you for reading my lengthy piece & giving a feedback worth to be appreciated! This is a issue needs yo be opened up & i did it!
And, i think myselft blessed for getting such response from the leaders of this platforms like you !:blush::heart::heart::heart::maple_leaf::pray:


I have said it before and I’ll say it again, very few people have the courage to write about such sensitive subjects. And we are glad that you are sharing your posts on YoAlfaaz. There’s no doubt that you have become an important part of YoAlfaaz family. :slight_smile:
Would also like if you could interact with other writers and leave your valuable comments on their posts :slight_smile:

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We are happy to have good writers like you specially among us, and you write on noble topics which makes you even more special.
So the credit goes to you
And God bless you
Keep writing and spreading love @storytellersuchi

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@Ravi_Vashisth @thegurjyot thanks a bunch to you dears!:heart::maple_leaf:


As I always says. Credit goes to the awesome writer and my friend that’s you @storytellersuchi

Keep writing and sharing your great work with us :slightly_smiling_face: