:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PROSTITUTES :black_medium_small_square:


The Prostitutes,

I have seen people shut their mouth or interrupt when the hot conversion brings your topic.Isn’t it weird to witness each other’s embarrassed face & a short pause while having a full-fledged discussion? I don’t find any logic in barricading our thoughts about you. But, I never dared to cross-check them as I knew I would be judged wrongly!

Since childhood, I’ve noticed my parents have treated me to follow the ideologies of humanity, of equality, of compassion & of love. But whenever I used to watch you people on a movie scene & asked them out of curiosity they never answered me directly. They pretended to hesitate & forbade me to talk about this & that was the exact point their ideologies defeated in front of the so-called societal taboos.

If I say I am much more acknowledged with your life, it will look like a havoc joke! I never can be detailed with the depth of your life, the way you guys are surviving can never be the cup of tea to my thoughts. My heart shakes & soul cries whenever I get to hear about a little girl conspired by her family even by her own father for the sake of money, trapped in the webs of trafficking & at last reached to the forbidden dark world of red light areas & when a teenager from a needy family brought to a new city with the greed of a new employment & finally pushed to the scary life of sexual exploitation, it wrecks my heart tearing it apart in several pieces to never be stitchable. We have seen such scenes in several movies & restlessly waited for the saviour to appear & destroy the culprits as soon as possible. Unfortunately, reality never brings such saviours in these horrific moments to you!

Whenever the news like ‘ 10-year girl get trafficked & sexually harassed’ come in front of my eyes from the daily journal, the pain of such dreadful experiences haunt me! I think the way you all feel when such occurs is beyond any imagination. I don’t even want to imagine those scenarios where women are treated only for their flesh, not for their soul! I don’t want to hear those shitty words of so-called classy men of sophisticated society who spend their nights in your room & then appear to be very genuine in front of the society! I hate such hypocrites who love to poke their noses in your matter & waste their auspicious time to tag you “ the sin of society” I truly hate them for their mentality, they can bitch about your character but never can see their sinful soul in front the mirror! Whenever a man abuses his girl, he uses the word “ slut or prostitute”, I never found it logical rather than cruel for a soul to bear!

This is truly demeaning & disheartening to see our society is still under severe mental diseases like discrimination towards human beings & an experience that they can be brutally attacking towards the women equally should be respected not for their profession but for their minds & souls. Our incredible country can worship an idol of a goddess but never can be human towards a living woman!

I heard someone of you saying,” We don’t have days, we only live in nights” & she absolutely explained it correctly. When our digital society is much more advanced with the accession of internet & smooth technological gadgets, it is such shame to see their mental growth is still prohibited when it comes to your matter & your journey! We can proudly post pics of Womens’ Day & can say big sentences about your mourning life only in social media but whenever it comes to the societal justice & right, we cover our faces & simply vanish!

And, this is our so-called educated society!

We forget the pain you lived & overcame,

we forget the dignity in respecting a woman as you can never be out of syllabus,

we forget the strength you carry is no less than of a woman in working MNCs,

we forget to treat you like a human, whereas treating as a ‘ WOMAN’ is far beyond,

we forget to tell you that you were the prey of this society & you are not a ‘ SIN’ but we were!

& we forget ‘ Women’s Day’ also indicates the unbearable journey you lived throughout the ages.

I hope my words will do a pinch of effect to the hypocrites out there & will do a little bit of justice towards the unhealed scars you bear!

This “Women’s Day”, keeping the digital formalities aside, i dedicate my words towards the brave souls you all behold!

Stay blessed all of you!


A well-wisher for all of you.



I wish that this letter reaches to as many people as much possible. And we’ll try for that as well.

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@thegurjyot i will be grateful if it reaches to the greater audience & make sense to them!:slightly_smiling_face::heart:

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Well @storytellersuchi your message is great and yes they need good treatment. I wish your message to reach every corner of world and your message to be implemented.

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@storytellersuchi you have how and what makes sense to masses.
Though this is something really good but you know the dumb race

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