An Open Letter To The Girl Never Born

:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO THE GIRL NEVER BORN :black_medium_small_square:


The girl never born,

Everybody will be busy wishing each other ‘Women’s Day’,with their stagnant eyes engaged in the posts flooding the social medias or whatsapp messages with the huge share of ‘women’s day’ posters or disclosing the facts of either too much ‘fuss without any emotions attached’’ or ‘showing-off’ & ‘showcasing the interest of never missing the trend’ etc things only.

Some will send warm love to their mother, some will send to his wife, some to his daughters or sisters & the women inspired them throughout their journey & became their lucky charm.And, these overrated things will hide your harsh truth for sure.Nobody will give a short notice towards you.Besides, why do they even care to think about you for a second as you were even never born or never have seen the face of this world? Even, your mother didn’t give a damn care to your existence too.Perhaps, you were a ‘fruit of sin’ to her or, she perhaps perceived yourself a ‘joke’ or a ‘mistake of moments’ fun’.Even this can be said that she was forced to abort you as you were unwanted either for her or for your so called would be father.However her excuses or drops of tears can’t outshadow the truth of the atrocities attempted on you.How brutally you were inhibited from leaving your footprints in this world & how you were eradicated from the roots you clutched trusting the most to get bloomed & shone out in future came out as your most unfortunate present!

Nowadays the over modern love is over indulged on over modern dating apps or dating sites in internet.They fall in love easily & find the euphoria in each other’s naked skin as readymade as packaged food.I feel the connection between hearts or the adoration comes from mind on each side are somehow vanished in this era of modernisation & people are getting way too addicted in lust more than love to feel the pain of a murdered soul of someone like you.

Sometimes, your existence doesn’t even matter to your father as you were going to be born as a ‘girl’ & they pre decided to have a ‘boy’.Although, we have no hand on our fate behind conceiving a soul, so, they most likely are to never consider the fact of having a girl to rekindle the lights of kindness in their home, as their literacy was only limited with pen & paper.Such sick mentality not only stinks but also rottens the virtues of society, where the idolized form of devi ‘Laxmi’ can be worshipped in temples but a baby girl will be ceased to grow & trampled under the shoe-soles.

Still, i surmise that it’s better to not come to this cruel world which put a question mark with their scorching eyes in your existence,can typically demean the girls for generation by generation, maintain the wrong customs of gender discrimination & cherish the fact of treating women not more than ‘a manufacturer of human beings’.

It’s absolutely better not to open your eyelids where everyone’s ready to cut your wings exact in the moment when you want to blossom your tender petals.Your softness doesn’t deserve to be exposed under the roofs of ignited desire.

Who can assure you wouldn’t be at the headline of some daily newspapers forecasting the news of your harassment or exploitation?

I won’t wish you ‘Women’s Day’ anymore.All i can wish,stay as hidden as you are now! Stay “Unrevealed” forever.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned soul.



Apart from every other issue, the point which hurts me most is the discrimination with child. Not just because she is a girls and they want a boy, but because she has no control over this bulshit. What’s her fault to be born as a girl?
I have a sister and I have seen her very closely, some of her questions make me speechless sometimes, and what all I want that time is. To change any thing in this scenario for Thier future. May be I cannot change mindsets of people, but anyhow I will try to make girls life a little better.

@storytellersuchi your post is again great, and what makes you so special is your selection of topic i.e. the harsh reality of life. A lot people try to write on this but you did it very nicely.
Keep writing my friend and we’ll love to read you more and more


It’s one of the most emotional subjects and one that’s wrong any way you look at it. And I commend you that you wrote on this topic.

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@thegurjyot @Ravi_Vashisth I thank both of you from the core of heart for taking out some time to read this long letter i dedicated to some baby girl who never got the oppotunity to see this world.I comdemn of the sick mentality of our society! Although not everybody is same, the valiant & the kind ones are existing here also,who put their utmost respect towards the women & support them from to grow more.My motive to write this one is to create a difference,let it be a tinier one, but to assure it to reach to the greater level of audience so that people can make a sense to it!
I hope one day with all our consodolating artworks, we will succeed into leave a great effect on such nauseous customs & will eradicate this wrong practice from its core…:blush::heart::maple_leaf:


I therefore wish you reach among a large society and your message spread everywhere.
I wish scenario change in coming future with a pace. Child is child and girls are our originators.
And once again
Thanks for being here, writing such awesome work
God bless you @storytellersuchi my friend



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I read full but the title just struck my heart and a dark image of human cruelty appeared to me.
We are happy to have you on YoAlfaaz

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@navjyotsingh.rajput jii, “thank you” is not enough to my gratitude to you!:heart:

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