An Open Letter To The Acid Attack Survivors

:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO THE ACID ATTACK SURVIVOR :black_medium_small_square:


The Acid Victim,

Probably you stand in front of the mirror to look yourself every day for several times, you gently touch your deformed cheeks with a little more care so that they don’t taunt you with the memories again. You take up the comb, trying to set up your hair a little bit & your stare comes to the bald & a burnt portion of your scalp. You still try to set your hair to make a messy bun. But all your effort in making a happy mood goes all in vain. You start beckoning those terrifying demons in front of your vision,& start experiencing the uncountable pain in your skin as well as in your burnt soul too.

I sometimes think to solve the puzzle that exactly what you did wrong that you had to pay with your skin burnt & dissolved in the flame of acid’s anger. I never end up coming up with the solution. So, I have already stopped guessing more & started thinking it as your fate’s part. Sometimes probably you feel guilty, inferior & mediocre among the loud laughter of the teasing people outside, you stop going outside with your face & remain locked in between 4 walls to avoid bullies. People repent on you saying “Look at her. This is so heartbreaking” but never says “It’s completely okay. You should fight as we’re with you!”. Some claim on your behaviour or daily life & accuse you with unnecessary blame, “She must have done something wrong or provoked them. Otherwise, this wouldn’t happen. We are women too & we didn’t face such horrible things nah!” rather than proceeding their helping hands to you for fighting against those nauseous culprits. Yes, such a series of blames repents, sympathies & many more have imprinted traumas on going out & revealing your opinions in front of the world loudly.
Even your family have started taking you as their “sin” or burden. They try a lot to give your hands to another family but the series of rejections made them inhuman. They never tried to understand your utmost pain or reach the depth of the scars you are bearing & heal you from inside. They never tried to supply minimum strength to increase your immunity, to uplift your delicate base & to support you in your huge battle.
I have already said, our society is crowded with a million silent masked audience & expecting something trustful is totally a damaging thought!
Trust me, it wrenches my heart, shook my spine & pains my nerve whenever I try to relate with the pain of black crispy skin; you know, I still can find the soulfulness in those spots of your skin, I still can find the living hopes in them & the lost valiance in their existence.
I love to think that they will recover their barrenness too soon to be imaginable, & I adore the fact that one ray of hope or a firm helping hand with full of reverence can help them grow the saplings of love or zealous passion.

Hope, one day I won’t have to see the devastation of a woman caused by a heinous crime like ‘Acid Attack’ headlines of some Indian daily. Hope, humanity will be injected thoroughly in our veins with prominence. Hope, every survivor will create a society of love & we will be successfully eradicating this crime form the society. Waiting eagerly for the day where scars are having their recovery smilingly!

                                             A concerned soul.



Another interesting, important and necessary topic picked by you.
I support what you write and imagine a girl without her beauty, the biggest fear any girl will never like to face. But, this is something they have to live with.
Feeling sad for them but they are far more brave then me.

your post id awesome again

Wish your letter reaches to every acid attack victim. It won’t lessen their pain but, it’ll definitely give them hope for a better future which they can create for themselves and on their own.
Another absolutely wonderful post. Keep sharing and interacting :slight_smile:

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