An Open Letter To Saina Nehwal

:black_medium_small_square:An Open Letter To Saina Nehwal :black_medium_small_square:

The dearest Saina,

I am utterly clueless how to define you with my limited stock of words.You are someone feels like a redolent smell of a tiresome day & someone who stands like a bunch of positive vibe in my mentally stressful days.I guess you hold so much of power & innovative ideas stored in your eyes which inspires me to overcome my bad days.You are one of those most influencing personality whom I follow for my up-gradation of life.You are one of my favorite sports person whom i look to uplift my enthusiasm in my life.The way you sprinkle passions for your badminton , i try to give my thousand person effort to engrave my feelings with my pen the same way.

In your recent age of 27,you have achieved more than anyone can dream of.As an national level badminton player,you created in the history by winning the prestigious Asian satellite badminton tournament in only 19 years.Though you emerged yourself as the most charming player of Indian history by garnering your career winning several gold & bronze medals & award in competitions like Olympic Games, World Championships, Uber Cup, Commonwealth Games,Asian Games, Asian Championships,World Junior Championships & Commonwealth Youth Games etc.You have surpassed many records & hurdles to touch the dream to you life with a pure smile in your face.
I salute your spirit of never ending confidence & extraordinary mental strength.You are one of the youngsters I follow personality for a better living. Padma Bhushan ,Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratna, & Arjuna Award conferred by the Indian government proves how phenomenal sports person you are!
I am literally losing my words to you for such majestic journey still now.
A magnificent flexibility of strength & uniqueness make you different than others.I love the simple Saina who put a cute smile & have no pride in her the same way i love your aggressive & determined Saina in the badminton ground.
Wish you a very happy birthday Champion, stay blessed to create many histories for India!

                                       An ardent badminton lover.



Well @storytellersuchi
I hope your love to her will reach her and you met her someday.
Plus the way you greet and praise her will definitely make you one of her favorites.

keep going friend