An Open Letter To Kalpana Chawla

:black_medium_small_square:AN OPEN LETTER TO KALPANA CHAWLA :black_medium_small_square:


Kalpana Chawla,

You’re one of the brightest stars India has ever got. From being an extremely brilliant student of Karnal, India to fixing her journey to space as a first female India, she made our country very much proud & showed India is too enriched in talents to be underestimated.

After pursuing graduation in aeronautical engineering from Punjab Engineering College, you went to USA to complete your masters in aeronautics where your hard work & luck stirred to destine you to become a successful scientist working as an astronaut in NASA. You drew beautiful magic being succeeded in your first mission started on Nov 17, 1996 along with your 6 colleagues in STS-87 flight. While asking you about the weightlessness condition of space, you answered valiantly “you are just your intelligence” & that showed your determination towards your journey.

Though we lost you in a very unfortunate spacecraft which occurred in your second space mission while it was about to conclude & enter into the earth’s surface, the spaceship disintegrated & we lost one of our most valuable gems forever.

You’ve influenced a lot much with your hard work, passions, dreams, determinations & moreover with a valiant & kind heart. Many of us proceed further idolizing your image in front of us.

Thanks for giving us a bunch of reason to follow you with our blind eyes & to emerge ourselves as great human beings in our life.

Wish you a very happy birthday Kalpana, hope you are seeing us from the heaven & being happy to see our progress!


An untold fan of you.



Just a detailed and well covered essay.

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@navjyotsingh.rajput thanks a lot​:heart::maple_leaf:

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nice post @storytellersuchi
She was one of the first names, from India among girls
Who created history in world and did something extra-ordinary

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Kalpana Chawla is definitely an inspiration to many. Because of her a lot of female in India started to see space expeditions as real career choice.

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