:black_medium_small_square:An Open Letter To J.K.Rowling :black_medium_small_square:

Dear J.K.Rowling,

From the day, i have clutched my pen to sense the words my heart beholds, i’ve taken oath to myself to put my 100% effort in emerging myself a soulful writer like you.If extraordinary had any definition, i would’ve pointed finger directly to you.

My childhood was extremely beautiful & blissful as it was tinged with your majestic novels.I got the privilege to watch the entire series of “Harry Potter” & nearly gobbled every scene of every part from “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” to “Harry Potter & The Deathly hallows”.They stained my golden days of childhood with radiant colours & tended me to read each of your novels with utmost passion & great interest.There are many female authors with their head held high & will keep on coming in near future but i swear, none can ever change the highest position you bagged through your phenomenal scribblings & none can replace you from my heart.Favourites will be changed years after years but you are the CONSTANT in my life!

Each page of your fantasy novel series “Harry Potter” has mysteries glued in them & they ridiculously increase the urge to read more & more every time i initiate to read them, no doubt why you are called the best storyteller & novelist amidst thousands of staggering writers!

I would definitely like to bow down in front of you as you’ve stunned me not only with your novels but also with your views on life.Years will turn over pages, time will flow, days will pass & generation will change but your flawless & enchanting novel will forever be as evergreen as spring.They will never bring boredom & shower us the thrill & goosebumps while cherishing them with a cup of coffee.

Just like any random person,you too had a flawful life full of bereavements, seperation, mental breakdowns,thorns & darkness but the way you’ve magnificently shone out smashing them under your shoe-soles leaves me awestruck.I too promise to keep on getting inspired by you forever.

‘Thank you’ won’t justify the place you are occupying in my soul.I will be short of words while explaining how much you’ve influenced me to uplift my life to make it all better & cherishable trampling down the vices.

Thank you for gifting the best fantasy series “Harry Potter” in world which is my best friend both of my tough times & good times!

Wishing you a warm ‘Women’s Day’.


An ardent admirer.



nice post and Happy Women’s Day to you @storytellersuchi
also, yes whomsoever have seen Harry Potter is privileged. :wink::wink::wink:


We will make sure one day your words reach her.


@navjyotsingh.rajput & @Ravi_Vashisth, thank you so much…so supportive souls both of you!:heart_eyes::maple_leaf::heart: