An open letter to all the lovers! ❤️

Oh Honey,

Talking about Love! Okay, let me write to you, today. Love, Love is certainly a beautiful thing. We can’t deny it, noone can! Even if people pretends that it’s cliche they crave for it! It’s okay to pretend cool and being alone (me too, so no grudges!) But ugh, those quick random kisses on cheeks in public so noone can really see it but you have to do it anyway, those forehead kisses after realising you are lucky enough to have each other, those fights after you decide you will not fight anymore but end up finding something to fight about, those hugs when you are emotionally hurt or maybe hugs in random like nobody exists around you; you can’t hate all these, come on!

I have to admire these, ugh love is adorable! Having someone is adorable. You can live a forever in a small time! So what if it’s not for long? If it breaks, still it was true when it was, isn’t it? You can’t just pollute the word Love!

As far I know or say as per my knowledge if someone is saying something bad about love, they are craving more for it rather than others do. Fact, you know? I’ve always praised love, that also doesn’t mean I don’t crave for it! But this is the thing, you just can’t make it happen. It happens in most uncertain ways…

You are tired and falling asleep in a crowded metro and there he is, giving you shoulder so you don’t fall off! You are going to perform on a stage and suddenly you slipped and there she is, giving you hand (Embarrassing? But beautiful, right?) Yes, Love, certainly is this uncertain.

I can’t stop praising it cause even if I am hurt in love and I don’t wanna be in love ever again, I still have something to call mine, only mine! The moments in love can never be replaced, they are there somewhere in our heart, forever.

Yeah, it’s so much cooler to call ourselves happily single, but when love comes to the scene, we do think of having someone too, I know that! Can’t deny our own thoughts, it will be a sin.

So what if it hurts? Many things hurt, why blame love only? Poor thing! Isn’t it?
Making fun of babu, baby, sona is fine cause what will we do? Just seeing you living happily how you want is boring; We don’t do that here in our society, sorry! We judge everything, will do it anyway. So it’s fine.

I just know one thing, you go on, however you want to be, with each other for as long you feel happy. I find it cool when love doesn’t seem like burden but admiration. Not responsibility but support. Love is the happiest thing if you don’t have to make others know that you are in love but feel it yourselves. Then ‘Inka vi katega’ trend will not bother you.

With love,


Nicely written @unknown_soul

Well Penned… :heart_eyes::sunflower:

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Dear husband,

This is the love letter to you ! yes to you , ohh yeah I know you must wonder that how come am writing something to you or about you.
So talking about love , love is precious uncountable feeling, it’s like when u certainly entered the house with a novel and momos in hand yeah that happiness of mine which gives you the best satisfaction for the whole day or the times when i tease you for your oversize stomach (tummy) and you laugh or the times when you put that wet towel over the bed and I get irritated or the times when come outside the room leaving the lights on or the times in the house when you call out my name continuously with no reason and as i show up you just run away !!
So this is love where you want go away from that person but certainly at the same time want to be with them forever !! Love is the mix emotion including sadness, happiness , aggressiveness and ofcourse anger …this is what love is beyond the lines and norms and so we are my love.

Your loveable & irritating partner

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