An Emotional Rainbow

An Emotional Rainbow
-Alveera Hafeez

Name makes me blush,
A look makes me flush,
A gesture pounces my heart,
I just can’t control my heart!

My feelings tend to rush,
Only a smile makes me crush,
My mind loses it’s senses,
My heart removes all the fences!

The trouble is that I can’t express,
I try to be the best in what I dress,
I love the way you talk with me,
I wish I could give you my eyes to see!

I can’t just say,
But I can pray,
I hope that one day I could tell you,
That I can’t live without you!


That’s wow. :heart:

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Tysm :heart::heart::heart:

Behad pyara…

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Aapka behad shukriya