Am tired just

When people
walk into your life,
They make us feel bliss but the day goes we
make sure you don’t push them away. Make sure you say
“Welcome! Enjoy your stay”
Make sure you open your arms
and don’t sabotage
the beautiful mirage
that they attempt to create.
And when they want to leave—
let them.
You must have tired them
with your endless tales of pain,
tired them with your insecurities, overthinking, obsessing over nothing.
While they did promise to help you,
they did promise to stay;
they are entitled to breaking them.
They’re human,
aren’t they?
So, don’t you dare
bend over backwards.
Don’t you dare
ask them to stay.
Just remember not to
close the door behind them.
Someone else
might be on their way.


grat lynes

Wow. I loved it

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