Am I the only one?

I just keep trying and trying and trying,
But every chance of mine is just slipping away.
I am almost running out of hopes!
And my Patience doesn’t crack a bit!

My eyes is full to its brim,
Ears being heard enough!
Anger of mine doesn’t get any calm!
Yet I still keep trying and trying and trying.

I want to talk & let things out of me,
But I am just tired of talking to only myself!
While all those loved one’s are too busy for me;
Too busy to hear my stories, or just say It’s Okay!

Maybe a Shoulder to cry on, a Hand to hold on, and a little conversation to be a memory, has been forgotten by many;
While am I the only one having the urge to experience it? To feel it?
More precisely, wanting to Live it???


Beautifully written. :heart:

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So well expressed @Monkey_scribbles :slight_smile:

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Thank you

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