Am I really free


As though the eyes says me a different story
I feel the abstract one though…
That cannot see clearly, or at all
For I cannot sustain eye contact
Long enough for there to be a connection
How can this be?
Enamored by your handsome features
My smile radiates, however, out of control
I cannot direct my light, my might
Towards my target, you,
Someone I deeply care for
But cannot express it fully
Like I’m trapped behind my own facade
Make me look at you
For I cannot find the will
Make me see you, and only you
For my eyes fear to be blinded
By the fog created by my heart
This path is dangerous
And should not be tread alone
Hold my hand, make me see
Make me believe that you are not a threat
To myself or my well being
As those who have betrayed my trust
Their battle scars lay wait
As I am their hostage, buried deep
I have minimal faith in love
Yet, you are strangely different
You can save me, I see it
Now as the fog subsides
I can only see you
Is this your doing?
Or is it that I am finally free…?


It’s so beautiful written with such enormous emotions. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


That’s such a constrained situation

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great post and effort @Twisha_Ray
it’s really nice and interesting

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Very nice :heart:

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thank you sorry for late reply


thanks a lot , its you who gave me an opportunity to explore myself


thanks a lot sir


thank you :slight_smile:


It’s you my friend, to whom credit goes to. Your write-ups are really good. So you yourself are the reason for our support and comments. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very well written… :slight_smile:

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Thank you

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