Alvida is hard to say when some people gives memories

My playlist has come to an end because I don’t hear music after you left me broken There’s a playlist called ‘him’ that I’ve not heard to in a very long time.
I hit play and pour what remains in the bottle over a heap of ice in the glass. I can hear Tera Yaar hu main in the background. I hum along and hit delete on the playlist. On second thoughts, I think I’ll let it be.
It’s 3:30 am and I’m lost. I take out the tub of ice cream from the fridge and have a couple of spoons. Another playlist has come to an end and I get into bed to sleep. I think of you a couple of times, but for once I don’t feel the urge to talk to you or call you over. It never goes well like that. I turn off the lights and sleep.
There aren’t any missed calls and no texts from you. I haven’t heard from you in months and this time again, you’ve coincidentally reached out on one of my vulnerable days. I open the texts, there’s a song and a few conversation starters. I play the song, it’s not the kind I’d like. Delete. The texts stay there.
I enter my favorite café. The server knows my usual order and he nods at me to acknowledge. As I sit down on a chair by the window, I catch your reflection in the glass. I turn around and see you sitting a few tables away. You catch my gaze and look surprised. I turn back and look out of the window again.
My therapist tells me to practice mindfulness, to be in the present, live the now. And for once, I’m not looking for a distraction; I’m in the moment. I can hear you talking to someone on the phone, if I try harder I’ll also be able to smell the fragrance of your perfume mingled with the smoke of the cigarettes; and now I can hear you coming over to my table and sitting on the chair across me.
My therapist has taught me well. I’m in the moment. And in this moment, I know I don’t belong here.
Is that how we say goodbye?


Hard to go through with this kind of situation/s. Somewhere I feel the pain in me. Very well explained and penned too. For you :heart:

Keep sharing :blush:

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Thank you so much :grin:

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My pleasure :heart: