Ah vampire

Like birds that crave in search for food
I’ll transmission

my wings in search for blood
I’ll be a vampire in the night
with mind and heart afraid of light
I’ll have some fangs instead of teeth,
Yet I’ll enjoy a perfect health
I’ll have a skin as pale as dolls,
a face that never wrinkles, LOL
I won’t be scared to lose my weight
nor if I gain around my waist
because my weight will be the same
at least as per my sources’ claims!

but anyways, I’ll have a cape that I will wear
it’ll be of steel, my dearest friends,
so it may shelter ME, from the sun’s glare.

OH and P.S., I’ll have a coffin where I’ll sleep
because even vampires need their beauty sleep


Lovely written. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you