Admiring My Haircut!

He looked like Einstein these days,
His hair overgrown to fit into a ponytail,
In front so broad a forehead,
At the back, a very thin tail!

After I cut his hair, he looked so good,
I kept admiring his hair,
As he was left with a good haircut,
So neat, so trim, so perfect as if just made for him!

The barber was so seasoned,
To trim his hair till the scalp,
That we saw more scalp than hair,
Plus, he is a military man!

I remember after every haircut,
I told him that it was too short,
He said, ‘No…it should be that way,’
‘As my barber knows very well to cut my hair !’

Now, in the lockdown period,
I got a trimmer and cut his hair,
Both of us were so hesitant initially,
I took the lead and did it well!

It was so good a haircut,
His head was no balder,
It looked so full of hair, And so,
He looked younger by a few years too!

That’s what I was admiring Dear,
My haircut on your head,
Made you look so good n young,
He believed me when his friends too told him the same!

He said, ‘I thought you were admiring me,’
‘And it took so many years for you to do that,’
‘Now, I know you are admiring your haircut,’
‘It’s a really worthy cut, my friends too said !’