A wonder

Once i saw a holy wonder .
A mist inside me with rainy thunder.
So elusive serenaded
that my soul got allured.
I zipped up my eyes and came inside , the metaphor of awakened
by halo .
The reddened sky with closing sun.
Dear beloved !! My heart arised from bosom.
No!! I am numb ,can’t conclude was that real
Or mere an elusive.
Or any mirage of my dragging soul .
That dark valley inside me was full of incense.
I just addressed by serene waters of shanty sea.
Oh !! That gleam took me to lee,
and my eyes felt ignited tears. Never ,never i tired to open them up.
Oh you see my heart got ablutioned.
But those wonder lingered upon my soul.
Like a sage i was clean , pure and calm.
Till this flash flared down all
around me
. It framed me with dulcet backwoods .
So pure like a maidens’ hand.
Under those sacred canopy ,
my pains and agonies
stirred with pleasure.
Ineffable !!! Those moment.
Like a sun ,that is drawn by west skies ,
i was nothing to myself then.
But only you dear,
this self ,you strained out of me.
And i was only by you , to you,
and from you.
Thousands of fluttering bees under my skin,
And beating of your calypso n waltz swayed me from in .
It touched the my culminated of sense.
And my soul was spillaged.
The lagoon of my soul touched the eternal ocean.

© Kavita verma

2:29 pm 6/8/16