A Trip Within

Life always finds a way…
No matter how grey are the skies,
No matter how much the land dries,
No matter how high the waves go,
No matter how hard the winds blow,
No matter how much we feel dismay,
Life always finds a way!

Amidst the chaos and calm,
Amidst the positivity and negativity,
Amidst the good and evil,
Amidst love and loathe,
Amidst the night and day,
Life always finds a way!

Whether we live in richness or poverty,
Whether we have faith or disbelief,
Whether we live with joy and sorrow,
Or die thinking about past and tomorrow.
Take a trip within, one day…
Life has, and always will find a way!!
- Akansha Joshi


Life @An_Artistic_Soul
Nicely written
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Thank you! :innocent:

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:clap::clap: i really like it :slight_smile: @An_Artistic_Soul

“Life always finds a way!” :heart:
Such a great concept. Loved it. :blue_heart:
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Thank you so much :innocent: Looking forward to post more. Trying to explore the platform.

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