A Thanks!

A Thanks!
-Alveera Hafeez

I have met many teachers in my life but you are one of a kind,
You can teach Physics not only to deaf but also to a blind,
You told us that Physics is everywhere wether to swim or to grind,
You have answers to all the silly questions we try to find!

You ignited a fire within all of us to learn and to strive,
You know the potential we possess so when we fail you revive,
You not only make us study the surface but also make us dive,
You told us that Physics is not in books but it is actually live!

You taught every detail of the chapter so that we could visualize,
Physics is tasteless without your teaching tadka and spice,
You made our brains to improve from our lows to highs,
You taught us that dedication and hard work can always rise!

Thank you sir for everything you did,
You are the light we wanted to lit,
Today is the day that we could tell you all this,
Thank you so much sir for making Physics a bliss!


Well composed.
We all lucky that we have such Teachers who taught us true meaning of teaching and life.


Tysm​:heart::heart::heart: you are right we are really lucky to have them :heart::heart::heart:

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A great piece of writing. :heart:

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Tysm :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: