A Step

A Step

A father gave his heart’s part,
Smiling even sith pain in his heart,
Happy for her daughter to start a new life,
Adding to her list a new relation of being a wife!

The boy took the girl with some promises,
As the girl cried for everything she misses,
The love of her father, the food of her mother,
The fight with her sister and her brother!

There was a lot to miss but only one reason to go,
Do you even realize what break down she went through?
Naming it a tradition and culture you took her home,
But after a month, her screams were heard in their room!

She was a captive of a dictator in the name of husband,
Silently she bore all this, she told none of her friends,
Two years hence their daughter took birth,
She promised her, she won’t let her drown in this dirt!

And for her she stepped out,
Chose the right platform to shout,
Now she lives with her daughter somewhere far away,
Who is strong like a storm in this harsh world to stay!

-Alveera Hafeez
Ig- @unkahi.talks




Took inspiration from you

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