A Spirit

A Spirit!
-Alveera Hafeez

Hii, Hello, What should I say?
Should I say something taught in my kindergarden days?
Should I say something for the people who are more in majority?
Should I say something for the people who are my priority?

But if I address you with what I am taught,
I might be old faishoned and religious sort,
May be you will think that I am too proud of my community,
Or may be you will consider that my religion has made this a duty.

It doesn’t matter how right I might sound,
But you will judge me with your discrimination round,
You might think me a woman who has long tongue,
My community will tag a woman with no respect.

In both cases no one is supporting me,
Because I am not working for people like thee,
I am working for people who wants to erase this discrimination,
I am working for people who have pure intention!

I don’t care what colour or religion or gender do they have,
I just know they have the spirits which you people do not have,
The spirit to change, the spirit to upgrade,
The spirit which can make your facism degrade!
Ig @unkahi.talks


Well composed​:blue_heart::two_hearts:

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Nicely written. :black_heart:

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Very well penned :blush::+1:

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