A Silent Prayer on your Wedding Anniversary

I thank God for my parents,
Both of them, so divine,
My Mom was an angel,
My Dad, a large hearted king !

I thank you God, my Dad met my Mom,
And you united them in marriage,
Then blessed them with the three of us,
Our’s was the happiest family then !

Mom took care of our every single need,
Dad worked hard to fulfill each deed,
He was always there to teach us life’s values,
Mom too with him always, to love and feed us well !

She told us many moral stories, when we were young,
Dad read to us the ’ Punyakoti Kathe’ teary eyed,
Taught us ‘Sarvagna Vachanas’, famous persons and places,
Mom was stern attimes to keep us well disciplined too !

She took charge of her home fully,
So that Dad was free to work outside,
He did his best, reading, writing and social work,
He authored books and was honoured for his services well !

They always said, ’ Unity is Strength’,
And believed in fitness, care, love and share,
They loved us unconditionally without expecting anything in return,
We have lots to learn, to live our lives like them !

On this Wedding Anniversary, both of them not here with us,
Daddy had filled up Mom’s gap for the last three years,
Now this year, Dad isn’t there too, the vacuum is felt,
This vacuum is here to stay and can never be filled !

Thank you God from the bottom of my heart,
For blessing us with such wonderful parents all these years,
Our life was truly sheer bliss with them around us,
Bless them, keep them in your heavenly care, I pray !

Copyright @ Jacqueline Lobo John
January 23, 2021

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Great poem, ma’am. God bless you. :heart:

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Thank you @unknown_soul , missing both of them on their special Day :bouquet::heart::bouquet:

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